A change in a product’s environment changes the way a user interacts with the same product. Information architecture and User Interface helps the product to function in the new environment more effectively.

ESS Illustration
Type : HR | B2B | Enterprise Application | Software as a Service
Services Offered : Workflow Design | Information Architecture | GUI Design

About ESS India

Eastern Software Systems is one of the largest ERP companies in India which has got a large presence not only in India, but leading their competitors by a long way in Africa.  They have also got a large presence in Middle East. ESS has got their flagship product "ebizframe" installed and running at more than 850 customers with more than 20,000 users.

Their presence in more than 25 countries speaks of ebizframe’s popularity in overseas markets. Though ebizframe in the current avatar has been successful and will be in action for several more years, ESS plans to re-engineer the product to leverage their functional experience for last 20 years and power of the advance technologies available today.

Problem Definition

The biggest challenge which any product company faces is to build a product which has great functional depth and coverage, but remains intuitive in usage in spite of the domain complexity. this leap. The software should also be very flexible and must cater to the international audience.

The user interface is critical, and must work efficiently on desktop as well as mobile devices.

ESS took our help in devising this new user interface as well as navigation.

Design Process

With our experience and insights, we designed browser-based pages, which also gave insights into a task, which the user was performing. We designed innovative ways to manage tabular data, connect various related process, data analytics, help tips, usable data forms, and easy way to create master data on the go.

With hi-fidelity wireframe, we explained our point of view and demonstrated interaction styles for all pages. We leveraged the potential of the existing web technologies to the maximum.

Finally, we managed to inspire a product, which was the right mix of usefulness and usability.

ESS Wireframe
This is how the transition shaped up ESS final Product

We have been working with Beon Systems for quite some time now. We have found their skills in User Experience Design extremely beneficial for all the projects they worked on especially our ERP. The team is prompt and has always met the deadlines which is very critical for the success of a project. Adaptable, amiable and creative are a few words I would use for them. We wish them the best.

Mr.Mukul Kumar Vice President Research

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