How does UX work?

We believe greater work comes from understanding how your users feel and behave, and most importantly what makes them tick.When getting started on a new User Interface, we make it a point to tackle complex user interaction through Interactive Design, highlight each product’s brand and unique personality through Visual Design and creating a blueprint of design through Information Architecture.
Our goal is to simplify the procedure for the user by:

  • Organising: Directing the user with a clear and reliable conceptual structure.
  • Economising:Performing the most with the least amount of cues.
  • Communicating: Tweaking the presentation according to the requirements of the target audience.

Mentioned hereunder are various practices and processes by which we ADD (Analysis Design Deliver) value to a project and help you realise your vision.


Requirements analysis is both, a science and an art.
Requirement and analysis activities (functional and nonfunctional in nature) are documented in the Requirements Analysis Document. It addresses the six basic elements: communicator, message, mode of communication, feedback method, target audience and time span. We make sure that our communication planning is delivering high quality digital creativity backed by strong consumer insight, expected deliverables and tightly-monitored budgeting.

Your business objective is ours.

By meeting our client’s strong business objective, we Identify Problems and implement a strategy that delivers tangible and strong ROI.Our interaction specialists streamline the user’s journey through intimate Ideation and Brain Storming sessions.
We create insightful User Profiles. How long do your customers spend on your site? Do they look at multiple pages to come back to you often? How do they reach you? Do they use the ‘search’ bar often? Do they find what they are looking for? In order to answer all these questions, we give the facility of Pre-Design Usability Evaluation that aids in creating an intuitive digital space, enhancing business experience across all business metrics.Then the high level of conversation gets rolling – the type of users, understanding their current lifestyle, how will they benefit from the value proposition, and further streamlining it. It is all about insight- from website to user journey to online behaviour demographics.

With four keystones of a high-traffic website underpinning the whole digital experience – usability, impact, memorability and recall value – we simplify your online customer’s journey to uplift the User Experience.


It is present everywhere. Designing for online experiences directs an effective means for people to create, share and communicate. In our voyage to attain a seamless creative design, our team uses Web and mobile elements, hardware, software, and new interactive media to make the work relevant to your user.
Combining digital specialists with creative thinking. Our design solutions burst with personality.

We design Workflow Processes for our customers – one of the most effective ways of completing business tasks. It helps you in weighing your current practices and finds how you can progress or standardize them. Marching ahead, we understand that a website needs to be innovative yet functional. Simple search functionality may be needed, or an effortless Navigation Design that springs up when needed, and graciously disappear when the user wants to focus on a particular task.

Information Architecture (IA)& User Experience Design (UX Design)

At BEON Systems, IA & UX designis all about the bigger framework. Our team of user experience and communication specialists, like all good architects, start with a blueprint. IA is the first point for solid usability, and this blueprint for design and development facilitate growth and scalability. Then the high level of conversation gets rolling – the type of users, understanding their current lifestyle, how will they benefit from the value proposition, and further streamlining it. It is all about insight- from website to user journey to online behaviour demographics.

Preparing and Mapping

It all starts with a discussion. We map your top business aims, user funnels and definitive objective. In the earlier days, there were wireframes that formed the DNA of the website. Nowadays, we create a working prototype of the website, which allows the customer to go to different sections and get a first-level feel of the User Experience.
Moving forward, we can analyze how the website will progress with a substantial example, built on your goal and our proficiency. With mobile browsing making up a huge chunk of internet traffic, we make sure that the healthy data of new media users are taken care of.
By and large, our target over here is to build the foundation and frame for the website – to make certain that it’ll let users easily comprehend what they are seeing and get to where you want them to be.

Visual Design

A beautiful visual design concern itself with the What, the Who, and the How — the message, the audience and the mechanics. And this is where our core competency lies!

At BEON Systems, we give you easy, efficient and delightful user experience by focusing on the aesthetics of a site and its related materials by strategically implementing images, colours, fonts, lines, shapes, texture, typography and and many more visual elements.  We understand that a successful visual design does not take away from the content on the pages; rather it elevates its usage by engaging users and helping to build trust and interest in the brand. Our visual design service creates eye-catching user interfaces, which assists in accurate task flows and successful user performance by communicating the positioning of a brand.

Our basic principles in Visual Designs are:

  • To define functional regions of the page.
  • To create a neat visual hierarchy of contrast, highlighting upon the most important, important and peripheral sections.
  • To structure the content by creating group page elements.


Post Design Usability Testing

We specialise in designing usability testing tasks throughout the product life cycle. The range of testing interface could range from as simple as paper images, to clickable prototypes, to a fully functional system. We judge the usability of an interface by carrying a number of tasks, which users would execute in a real life context for the accuracy of the data.
To simplify, we design effective tasks by deciding its clear goal, formulatingthem and being tactful in presenting its order. We follow a logistic flow by following the procedure of the tasks strictly.

Responsive Design

Our design and development makes sure that it responds to the user’s behaviour and environment based on the orientation, platform and screen size. Our responsive web design consists of a mix of flexible grids and layouts, images and a smart use of CSS media. We specialise in creating websites that automatically switch to accommodate resolution, image size and scripting abilities according to medium. Our websites have the technology to intelligently respond to the user’s preference.


Our service expertise of digital prototyping is a revolutionary approach to product development, which lets our customers visualize and stimulate products rapidly and cost-effectively.
We understand that the difference between a good website and a great website is iteration – building something, managing it, and constantly refining it. At BEON Systems, we include a dozens of styles to help you quickly prototype a site, perform stimulation to optimise designs, develop realistic visualizations and streamline modal dialogs, image sliders and a lot more. All of the prototype products are production-ready code, and easy to style up.

Search Engine Optimisation

We have a suite of integrated SEO tools, which ensures you improve your search engine rankings through improved discoverability to gain more website visitors, leads and customers. BEON System’s content management system gives you a complete charge of your URLs in terms of its customisation, language localization, built-in spell check, content sharing across social media channels, and SEO-friendly feature.
We allow you to generate superior mobile/tab experience on any device, all sourced from the same content, leading to higher traffic to your URL’s and a higher credibility from Google.